CFD related projects

  • Custom, easy problem setup
  • High-performance parallel design
  • Macroscopic porous media
  • Non-Newtonian fluid model
  • Margination dynamics (platelets)
  • Thrombus formation with time-varying geometry
  • Smagorinsky turbulence model
  • Water ageing model
  • Complete toolset (Pre/Post)
  • Go to medFlow2D page.

    Virtual stenting
  • Based on medFlow2D
  • Bird-Carreau blood rheology
  • Platelet solute transport
  • Simplified thrombosis model
  • Macroscopic stent model (momentum loss)
  • Illustration
    Aneurysm MPI 3D
  • CFD implementation for high resolution aneurysm simulations
  • MPI parallel (for hundreds of cores)
  • Parallel IO
  • Full toolset for pre-/postprocessing
  • Illustration
    Finite-volume CFD simulation
  • Mixer CFD simulation in Ansys CFX
  • Turbulent flow
  • Two component system
  • Free surface flow
  • Illustration
    Chaotic blood flow
  • Validated flow field
  • Parallel method for fractal dimension measurement
  • Based on particle residence times
  • Illustration
  • 2D interactive fluid simulation
  • WebGL API
  • Matrix as texture tricks
  • (!uses code fragments from around the net!)
  • Open simulation in a separate page!