medFlow2D is an efficient CFD solver based on the lattice Boltzmann method. Targeted for scientific and educational use, it is designed for quick and easy simulation setup of those 'Let's check what happens if...' scenarios.

The binary version of the software is available for download. The source code is currently not available publicly.

medFlow2D v1.2 (win64/mac/linux). [2015.08.30]  |  Manual  |  Theory Guide

For a quickstart guide check the Manual (also look around inside the doc folder).

Simple user interface
  • Every component runs in a separate process.
  • Possible to run using either GUI or command line interface.
  • The solver process can be run on a remote computer.
  • Easy case setup
  • No meshing, just "paint" the geometry.
  • Use your favorite image editor.
  • Every pixel corresponds to one numeric cell.
  • The colour of the pixel defines the dynamics.
  • Illustration
    Runtime monitoring
  • Follow the simulation progress.
  • Zoomable, accurate monitoring during computation.
  • Create checkpoint at any time.
  • Validated through several scenarios
  • Poiseuille flow ✓
  • Lid-driven cavity ✓
  • Karman vortex shredding frequency ✓
  • Platelet distribution matches literature data ✓
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    Advanced dynamics
  • Non-Newtonian fluid rheology.
  • Smagorinsky turbulence model.
  • Porous material (Darcy-Forcheimer).
  • Fluid age computation.
  • Thrombosis modeling
  • Geometry can change during the simulation.
  • Platelet margination.
  • Simple hemostasis model.
  • Illustration