Gábor Závodszky

I’m an Assistant Professor at the Computational Science Lab of the University of Amsterdam. My research interest and curiosity revolve around unsolved biomedical challenges, with the primary focus on large-scale and coupled problems. In my work I find the interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists and medical professionals to be of central importance. Therefore, I maintain active links and ongoing cooperations with several clinical institutes and experimental groups across Europe. Being embedded in multiple H2020 projects (as participant and co-PI) with computational focus provides me with overview and active connection to many of the top research groups in Europe developing in silico technologies. I’m coordinating the development of HemoCell, the open-source state-of-the-art high-performance cellular blood flow simulation. This code is currently deployed at more than a dozen HPC centres and it was recently executed on over a quarter-million CPU cores, overcoming significant technological challenges in order to investigate the blood flow and thrombus formation in the event of vessel damage on the cellular level.

At a glance

At a glance.

Focus in keywords

High-performance computationBiomedical simulations
Load-balancingBlood rheology
Thrombus formationEnergy efficiency

Other interests